Getting Invalid Response layer to work with custom Drop Down interaction

Sep 06, 2022

Storyline 360, Windows 10

What I'm looking for is a drop down interaction with a custom answer layer (two of the answers are the same) and an invalid response layer that works correctly when clicking the Submit button first.

I started out trying to do this with a Matching Drop Down question using 4 questions and custom layers. It only went sideways from there. I really don't want the default invalid response layer which comes in the middle of the slide.  I want the learner to see what they chose as well as the answer.

I ended up building the same drop down interaction from scratch, with an answer layer and an invalid response layer (slide 1.1).  The interaction works well until I click the Submit button before answering the questions. When I click the Submit button, the answer layer shows up with no way to make selections. 

I then built a slide without the invalid response layer (slide 1.3). At this point, my brain has tried so many options and I'm not beginning to get this right. I was told to covert to Freeform - but what option? I don't see a good choice. 

Any ideas? I'd sure appreciate a fix here. 

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Susann Nutter

Yes indeed, Joe,

That is definitely a key item to this interaction. I also learned to add a similar trigger to the Invalid Response layer to show the layer if all objects are in the Normal, unclicked state.

Now my interaction works perfectly.

Thanks much for your help!