Getting results from Storyline into Kentico CMS

Aug 23, 2012

Hi All,

I am fairly new to the Storyline product but have used Studio 09 for a little while.

We currently use Kentico CMS as our online CMS and have very basic education facilities on this, literally text based multiple choice and free text type questions.

I have used Storyline to create a version of one of our online modules and presented to our Events/Education director and they are very keen to use Storyline as the product to create all our online education modules.

My question is however, not being a developer and not having any javascript experience personally is there a way to get the results from the Quiz/Survey elements of the Storyline output? We would like to be able to store the results in Kentico CMS. I do have access to developers in house so can pull on their knowledge where needed but just intially wanted to see if it is at all doable.

The first phase of it would be to be able to use Storyline for creating our online modules and have them viewable online (web only) to start with using flash or HTML5. Have our users complete these modules and their results be sent to Kentico where we have user information and a education results page where the users can view scores to the modules they have completed, or are partially completed.

On a separate note I would also like to use Storyline for all our in house training.

If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it as I am trying to build a case for purchasing Storyline x 2 to do this.

Any help or info is appreciated.



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