Tracking Quiz Results without an LMS

Jan 08, 2016

We have about 40 identification training modules that we would like to start tracking the the quiz results for as well as keep track of how much they are getting used. The training modules typically have 10-15 slides with a 10 question quiz at the end. We would like to avoid having users log in to view the training modules as they already have to log-in for our website. We don't need to track each users progress/what courses have been done so we feel that an LMS might be a little too much for what we are trying to accomplish. We are currently testing one of the training modules with the demo Grassblades LRS but it only seems to register that the module has been started and won't record anything past the first 2 slides. We also tested a storyline file with just 1 question slide and that seemed to work fine.

In our office we have the Storyline software, our own Wordpress site that we manage and we house all the data on our own servers. We currently have the Grassblade plug-in for Wordpress and we are considering purchasing the Grassblade LRS but I wanted to ask if it is possible to track the usage and quiz results without the use of an LMS? 

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Claire -- Thanks for reaching out with your questions! You may want to take a look at this article on 2 Easy Ways to Track Course Completion Without an LMS, and this thread on Tracking Course Completion without an LMS, as well as  SL2 - quiz results without using LMS? Please let us know if that is what you had in mind or if you still need additional assistance. :)

Claire Peterson

Hi Christie,

Thank you for the links to these other articles. Our training modules/quizzes are a little bit more involved than a simple form so I don't think we would be able to utilize the web object feature. We were leaning towards having this be automatic so we didn't have to have someone manually collecting the results from e-mails. I see there was a comment but no details on one of the articles by Tom Kuhlmann that sounds very similar to what we are trying to accomplish. Looks like we will end up exploring the Javascript/PHP side of things for this :)

Pankaj Agrawal


I believe their was an issue caused by CloudFlare causing the demo site of GrassBlade LRS to make the queries very very very slow, causing the issue you were facing. If you try now, it should work fine. 

If you want to bypass the LRS. I believe it can be done with customisations. But if it works with GrassBlade LRS, customising to avoid an LRS will only complicate things in a way it will be tough for other to provide support if things go wrong in future. 


Nicholas Soldatenko

While it's too late for your project, the answer can be useful for someone who comes across this thread later. My best recommendation would be to use the Data Cloud widget for Storyline: The required effort is minimal, and you'll have all the data in a formatted table that's easy to use and process.

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