SL2 - quiz results without using LMS?

Oct 10, 2014

Looking for feedback from SL2 users (currently I'm still with SL1.6)...

I am beginning to play with a trial version of SL2.  When publishing a quiz, is there a way to email -- or  -- store individual test question results from users taking a quiz? What I am looking for, eventually, is the raw data on all the answers to each test question -- number of right answers and number [and which kind of] wrong answers -- so I can do an item analysis to evaluate the test itself.

(I know that wrong answers to test items does not necessarily mean I have a bad question, bad key answer or bad "distractor" answers on a particular test item. Suffice to say I need the raw data to do several analyses required of me.)

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Gerry Wasiluk

Well, I'd probably go the LMS or Articulate Online route.

You could put your quiz in something like a Google form and embed it as a web object.  The problem then is how do you determine passing?

Here's an earlier thread on the subject:

It'd be nice if Storyline could easily write to an external database but as Phil says in the thread above that's way out of my comfort zone.

Bj Wilson

You can pass the storyline variables to a google spreadsheet so that you have a record of each question and students results in a google spreadsheet. It is the only way I have seen outside of a LMS where you can obtain the student results. Determining passing is worked out from your results slide where you set up the scoring and passing results and then you create a variable on a text box in the results slide and match a trigger to that for the variable storyline creates for your results score or percentage etc depending on what you want to record. You then pass the variable you create on the Results slide to your google spreadsheet along with any others you created such as name, email etc.

Other examples in the forum show this method being used with a button going to the spreadsheet from within Storyline but if you want the results kept private, don't link to it from within Storyline as such. Just login to your google drive and view the results.

Garrett Wheat

Hi Bj,

T Ball actually posted that question for me as we were working together. To fully explain:

I am creating a post-test for a class that I want to be able to monitor each responseto the questions asked in order to evaluate my questions and answer choices.The reasons I am wanting to use Articulate Storyline, is because it looks a bit more professional than Google Docs, our company uses it extensively - so users are aware of how to work with it, it tells them with each question if it's right or wrong, as well as reviewing and retaking the test. This is not a pass/fail test and is not "graded" per say, so once the test is completed - that's it.

Could you elaborate on how to export the google spreadsheet? For instance, could it provide a file like:


Bj Wilson

The Print Results screen shows the results the student chooses from within Articulate Storyline which opens in Internet Explorer because of the Active X function. You could have your users screenshot that result page and email it to you. It is not as efficient as an automatic posting to a spreadsheet but at least you can obtain the results and then track anyway you want to.

To get google docs to print as above your variables would need to be named as per your header row and question choices named as per A B C D etc.

I have used the screenshot method and then put the screenshots through an OCR program and imported the text to a spreadsheet.

This is my work around

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Garrett,

I wanted to welcome you to the Heroes forum, and I'm glad that the community is able to assist you here - as reporting to a database or excel spreadsheet is not something supported in Storyline, although as you'll see in that thread Gerry shared - there are a few users who do something similar using Google drive or forms. 

Good luck with your project! 

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