Tracking course completion without LMS

May 14, 2015

Hey Guys, 

A while back I saw a post on how someone created a course with a tracking feature. Not sure whether it was formed based or how it was done? I searched here, but can't sieve through 100s of posts.

So, this is the deal - Just started an awesome new gig, but my company doesn't have an LMS or any means to host or track course completion. This I will address in 6 months but,  in the mean time to get up and running; I'd like to create something, but also be able to track who has taken the course. Any ideas how this can be done in SL2? Please send me to that thread that this was done by someone. Going forward, I will make sure I bookmark these things.




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Kai ...



Thanks for getting back to me. 

Let me clarify - Tracking in the sense of s/o entering their name and I get an email or notification that they've taken the course. Yes, something similarly to google docs. I am not sure how to execute this though. Amy thoughts?

@John - What other ideas do you recommend that you've used or that have worked?

john faulkes

There is another way if you want to spend just a little time creating some variables/triggers to a) pull some data from your quiz questions, or b) pull some information from your results slides or c) at a point in the course, record that it's been reached. 

It involves creating some objects and some javascript triggers, to send info to a database that you can then very easily interrogate, or dump data into Excel, or whatever. You may need help with the code that links to the dB (we can help you and provide the dB if you like) but the triggers/variables should be within the typical SL programmer's skill set.

Get in touch if you wish, you could be up and running with this quite quickly.

john faulkes

Sorry Kai, I just posted something saying 'get back to me', and you
already did. (Busiy week)

What has worked is to build some code which (eventually) goes into the
story.html file that SL publishes. This picks up any use of a simple
phrase in a javascript trigger. My technical colleague does the former,
but even I can use the latter.

You can dump any piece of data held in a variable, to a database, and
get any pice of data in the dB, into a variable, with a simple command.

Thus perhaps, you could get the data from the 'score' in a results
slide, and store it.
You could also set up a trigger to set a variable at a certain point in
the course (example: 'I'm done'=true), and then store that on the dB.

If your need is urgent, we could get you the code, and help you set it
up so it would use a local dB....or you perhaps could use our dB to

either way we try to make some that shouldn't be so complicated (but
is!), fairly easy at your end.

In a rush this quick, hence a hastily typed ansser, but can chat more....


Bob S


As some of the heroes have shared, there are technical solutions available. But if this is only 6 months, you may want to consider and "old school" solution like having the learner print/email a certificate and keeping track manually.  Why?   Because often when you implement an LMS the issue of learner IDs comes up and you have to manually transfer learning history over anyways. 

So if you are talking hundreds of learners in the next few months, ok. Maybe set up a database.  But if it's fewer maybe invest in a more manual approach for now for efficiency's sake.

Good luck!

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