Getting slide to dim or grey to highlight certain area on screen

In captivate 6, I used highlight boxes to dim the slide background in order to point out what I was focusing on inside the highlight box. (See screen shot below) I want everything NOT in the red box to dim (not including the caption box). How is this accomplished in Storyline?

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Cheryl Theis

One of the ways I have done this was to place the main image in color on the screen. Then fade in the same image that I used PowerPoint’s Recolor-light variation feature to save a new faded image.

 I then cropped the original image to the shape I want it to be, created a shape where I used the cropped image as the fill for the shape. When I talk about the highlighted section, the filled in shape image fades in.  An example of this attached. Sorry, when I copied the images from the actual course to a blank template they did not align exact, but it should help you see what I am trying to describe.

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Walt Hamilton

This is a really clever option. One word of caution: filling shapes with the slide background can crash SL under certain circumstances. It always crashes if the background is a gradient and the slide has animation, so I've never tried it with a picture.

If you want to highlight a simple rectangle, apply a zoom area to a slide. While you are editing, the non-zoomed portion of the slide is grayed out. Place the zoom area where you want the highlight, and grab a screen shot. It's not extremely flexible, but is really fast and easy.

Anna Hoffman

I stumbled upon this thread trying to resolve an issue I was having where my visited state and normal state were the same. This link walks you through how to edit the visited state to whatever you want it to be color-wise without needing to add a colored transparent shape over your original image.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Cassandra and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

This is not on our current roadmap, but I can see that over the years it's been a fairly common request. I'm gathering similar conversations to link them to a report that I will share with my team.

Thanks for bringing this back up and letting us know that you'd be interested in using this.