Getting states to play nicely

Apr 04, 2014

Hi there, coming to the forum again for your help!

I currently have an object that displays on several slides and has two states - male and female.  I also have a variable controlling which of these displays when the timeline starts on several slides.

For some reason I'm getting a little gremlin whereby, when using the variable to display the female state, the male state still appears for a split second before the female state appears.  I'm really confused as to why this is happening and would appreciate any advice available on this.

Thank you!


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Kevin Thorn

Another option and to build on what Phil says, is to set up the object with an [empty] Normal state.

  • Place Male character on the screen
  • Edit states > add new state > label: "Male"
  • Cut (not copy) the Male character for the Normal state and paste in the new "Male" state.
  • Add new state > label: "Female"
  • Insert female character.
  • Done editing states.

What you should end up with is an object with three states: Normal [empty], Male, and Female. 

The *flash* should not happen now and your variable only has one of two choices to show. The Normal state has been removed from the equation.

Laura Robinson

Thanks both, I think I see now my problem.  In my original setup the Male state is set as "Normal" and then I created a Female state - "Female".  Makes sense if the normal state always appears before the trigger occurs that I'm seeing this flash. 

I'll take your suggestions and fingers crossed this will fix it!