Getting videos out of storyline file?

Jan 19, 2018

Does this still apply?

"This article applies to:

Storyline 1
Articulate Storyline doesn't currently support exporting videos that were previously imported. However, if you no longer have the source video files and need to recover copies of them, do the following:..."

Seems to because I can't find a way but just want to be sure, I have a lot of videos to do.

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Michael Anderson

1. Make a copy of your .story project file.
2. Rename the backup project file from .story to .zip (you may have to enable "View file extensions" in Windows if it's not already enabled)
3. Extract the zip file.
4. Within the extracted folder, your video files should be in the story/media/ subfolder. If not there, just search the entire folder for mp4.

Let me know if you need any more detail on any of these steps.

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