GIF not working in course



I am working on a course for my company and I am utilizing GIF files in one section and for some reason one is just not working for me. Just to preface this a bit, I am creating GIFs using GIMP and when previewing the course the GIF animations are working fine, but for whatever reason I cannot seem to the the attached GIF to work and I've created it the same way I have with other ones. 

Unfortunately I cannot provide the actual source file as it's company property but was hoping that if providing the GIF maybe trying to test out on a dummy SL file and maybe seeing that I might be doing wrong?

Let me know if you need anything more info or details from my end.


Thanks for any help or insight!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kevin,

This sounds similar to an issue our team is investigating where animated GIFs that are exported at a high resolution aren't animating once added into Storyline. Can you try exporting it at a lower resolution to see if that helps it playback?

I'll also share this example with my team as they continue to investigate this issue!