Give partial credit and having it show up on a results slide


I'm working on building a drag and drop interaction in which I'd like partial credit to be awarded for getting some of the drag/drops correct.  It looks like I can do this using a custom variable and triggers, which is fine, but how do I then have that score reported on a results slide so it shows up on a SCORM report and is tracked for pass/fail?  It doesn't appear that I can assign a system variable equal to a custom variable.  Am I missing something? 



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Ashley Terwilliger

You can't convert the score to text, but you could set up another question to calculate the score - so say using a pick one question with a set of offstage objects. You could set up some triggers and condtions to adjust which object is in a selected state based on the value of your variable (say select object 1 worth 10 points if the variable is greater than or equal to the total possible points for your drag and drop, select object 2 which is 8 points if the variable is less than 10 but greater than or equal to 8, and so on) as that question type allows you to set the score by choice and have a number of different options. It's a bit more complicated of a set up - but I think it would achieve the behavior you're describing. 

Mike Taylor

Hi Michael! I was just experimenting with this and came up with something that might work for you. It is one way to achieve what Ashley has suggested. 

I created a regular MC question and then built a drag & drop interaction over top of it on the same slide. I'm using a variable and some triggers to select the appropriate MC question answer based on many correct items have been dropped on the target. (Note that I haven't added anything to account for someone dragging and item back off the target before submitting or any other "error checking" logic.) 

I've attached my example.