Global Changes on a Course

Hello Articulate Community - 

You all have been so helpful with other issues I have, I was hopping you could help me with another issue.

I need to make certain changes on all caption boxes, however, going one by one is very time consuming, is there a way for me to do a change across the whole course?

For example, I need all the text in my caption boxes to be un-bolded and the formatting to fit around the text, is there anyway for me to do this to ALL caption boxes at once, rather then going caption box by caption box to make the changes?

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Kevin Dowd


You could get the formatting the way you want it in one caption box, select it, double click the format painter button, then go through your course and click on each caption box. 

This isn't a universal solution - you'll still have to touch each box - but it would be much easier than going one by one and making the same changes repeatedly.  Also - depending on the changes you want to make the format painter may not work for everything - but should reduce your work effort some.

Hope this helps,


Jennifer Poore

currently all of my objects like highlights or captions are coming in a specific color automatically.

There isnt' a global area or settings area where the tool pulls that info from?

How then does the tool know to pick blue as its default color.

System settings or defaults has got to be accessible from some where.