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I've searched for the answer to this in the Forum and couldn't find it, so forgive me if it's already been answered.

I'm new to Storyline and enjoying using it so far.  I want to apply a text header across all slides.  In Powerpoint, I would do this by entering the text on the Master Slide, but I don't see a way to do this in Storyline.  

Can you tell me how to do this?

Thank you!


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Susan Wilcox

Hi, Michael~

Been there, done that.  Of course, I read that page before posting.  What I'm seeing is an option to add text placeholders, but not actual text.  

For instance, I want "Lesson 2" to appear across the top of all slides.  In Powerpoint, you would do it on the Master Slide.  Ditto Captivate. How do I do that in Storyline?  


Susan Wilcox

One more question on the topic.  Objects I place on the slidemaster (thank you!) do not show up on screencast slides.  The background does, but the objects do not.  I am using the correct layout, as it shows up on non-screencast slides with the same layout. Is this what is supposed to happen?

Thank you again~


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Susan,

Screen recording slides that you insert will take up the entire slide and block out any background elements (how slide masters are treated). If you'd like some extra room around the sides/top/bottom of a screen recording, you'll want to conduct the screen recording at a different size than your story size

Susan Wilcox

Actually, I've done that and have room at both the top and the bottom of the slide.  At the top, I've put some headers on the slidemaster for that layout, but they are not seen on the screencast slides even though they appear on other slides using the same layout (it's a "blank slide" layout).  It's the only layout on which I've used this background, and I can see the background so I know I've chosen the correct layout.

I will be putting custom navigation buttons on the slidemaster that will need to appear here as well.  So I am getting a little concerned because slidemaster objects are not being seen on the screencast slides.  

I can't send you the file because it's proprietary.  

So this isn't typical then?