Glossary and Screen Reader Access

Hi all, I'm having trouble accessing the Glossary with JAWS 2020.2001.70 screen reader in Chrome (latest).

Using Tab, Arrow, Enter and Space keys I am only able to access the glossary Terms.

The only way I found that I could access the Term Definition was to double click with my mouse in the region. I could then use my arrow keys to read all content in the region.

See the following video for the issue:

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Sam!

Thanks for taking the time to record a Peek! So helpful!

I've reached out to our team to gather more details on why this is behaving a certain way. To move through the Glossary, you'll need to use the arrow keys so that both the term and definition are read. Using the Tab key will skip over the definition and also cause the user to get stuck.

I've recorded a short video for you to explain this approach! I'm here if you have any questions.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Sam!

Thanks for sharing these details! I'm seeing the inconsistency on my end too. The definitions are ignored when using JAWS 2020 and Chrome. When using NVDA and Chome, I can hear both the terms and definitions. 

The way the NVDA behaves is expected behavior so it must be a glitch with JAWS and Chrome 83.

Here's my test!