Glossary not working on iPad in storyline 2

I have tested my storyline 2 project (latest update 5) in scorm cloud on my iPAD.

All works fine except the Glossary. The color is not what displays on the laptop.

It is dark blue and no words can be seen. If I press on it, words will display in white, but no definition.

I've tested using Chrome and Safari. Same result.

I attached a screen shot.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Linda,

Have you tried clearing the iPad cache and/or restarting it all together? I know that a few users mentioned a similar issue in the fall and that "reset" seemed to help them. 

If you're still experiencing odd behavior, could we take a look at a .story file that you're working on and/or a link to the published output? 

Linda Herring

I have not heard from Ryan in six days. I tried his suggestions of playing with colors and using a new Player. The colors helped but I still do not get a scroll bar when viewing on the iPad

I'm attaching the test file I just created with a new player (blank content). No scroll bar on the IPad. Perhaps another user can take a look and spot the problem. I'm getting concerned as the project is nearing completion.

I have also sent these new files to Ryan via case support #00559152 since no one seems to have looked at the actual client file I sent.

Thanks for any help.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Linda,

Thanks for sending those along - and I see that Ryan replied to you on May 27th in regards to your set up and you responded earlier today with those files. Since you shared the published output with Ryan, it's difficult to see how everything was set up within the player, and as such he created a sample test file that worked normally for him. 

I also published your course here to SCORM Cloud, and while viewing in mobile safari there is no scroll bar, based on how Mobile Safari does not show them until you begin scrolling, which previously you had only mentioned the colors not appearing? Everything in that version just shared, looked the same for me in Flash vs. HTML5 on the ipad, which the exception of the scroll bar and mobile Safari's limitations. 

Linda Herring

Hi Ashley,

Actually, I meant to share both the storyline file and the published file previously. The client provided permission. If I shared the only the published file, my error.

Right now, it seems to be the scroll bar that is the issue. Colors have been resolved.

I viewed the sample file I just sent in Chrome this last time, and there was no scroll bar. It would not scroll at all. Do scroll bars not work in Chrome? (I used the one finger method per your link.)

I just checked in Safari. It did scroll but there is still no scroll bar. Is that how it works in Safari? You don’t see a scroll bar at all, but it will eventually scroll?



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Linda,

We don't support the use of Chrome on a mobile device. You'll need to use it in Mobile Safari. 

The scroll bar doesn't appear until you start scrolling - on an iPad it is a bit tricky to see right away, but you essentially click inside the Glossary and then try to scroll. As separate actions. I saw a scroll bar appear - but it's a thin grey scroll bar, which is the Safari default - and it didn't look as the Flash output does. 

Linda Herring

Well, I wouldn’t say I’m figured.

However, I just uploaded my actual client file to Scorm Cloud to test again in Safari.

The Menu shows the scroll bar (gray and small indeed) .

The Glossary doesn’t show it until I click inside and move up or down with the single finger technique. (A bit intermittent.)

So why would it appear for the Menu when the drop-down Menu is clicked but not the Glossary?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Linda,

I do see that we've shared that behavior with our Quality Assurance team in regards to the menu showing the scroll bar but not the glossary, although I don't have additional information to share at this time. I'll include this thread in the report filed so that once there is information to share I can update it here.