Scrolling Panel Issues still plaguing HTML5 in SL2

Dec 17, 2014

Hello all,

so I am using Storyline 2 Update 3 and have a couple of projects I am working on that require the built in glossary and scroll panels within almost every slide.  When I publish for html5 I cannot scroll in the Glossary's definition box or in any of the scroll panels I have built into the slides.  This is the case for viewing the story_html5 on both my pc (Firefox browser) and when viewing on the iPad (iOS 8.1). 

In Firefox the scroll bar will show within the panel but does not move at all.  On the iPad (iOS 8.1) it is not seen (I understand that is normal) but no amount of 2 finger ninja scrolling will make it move.  Its almost as if it doesn't exist.  The glossary definition box is also a problem on the iPad.

Note: I have tested it on two different iPads with two different iOS versions, (iOS 5.1 & iOS 8.1)

Is there any solution to this problem yet and if not is one being worked on?



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Peter Flynn

Any word on this update/fix yet? I see in update 4 the notes don't mention any changes to the scroll bars (and I can confirm that it didn't update the scroll bars after a test I just ran). I've even tried a copy and paste method from notepad and none of it is working. I'm a bit concerned that this hasn't been addressed in over a year based on my research on your forums and beyond on the web. Seems like a doosey :(. Scroll bars work like a champ on desktops but once they go on iPad (HTML5) it's no longer working (even with 2 fingers). Please advise (read fix asap since this is a bit of a development flaw to the software). If I could make every client adopt an LMS that is TinCan API (xAPI) I would but it's not very realistic for us to ask clients to change their LMS for basic HTML functionality like scroll panes ;). 

Another thing to note is that I tried 1 finger scrolling (since I published through SL2) and that still doesn't work. I also tried to fill the text that is scrolling with white and still no luck. Please help, i'm running out of things to test. I don't want to have to rebuild my TOC and Glossary using a tab method as it's extremely time consuming to build and more cumbersome to replicate across other master pages. 

Peter Flynn

I did some further digging on this and found out what the problem is (though this doesn't help me and you'll see why in a second). When the scrolling panel is on a layer it doesn't scroll on iPad in HTML5 format. When it's on the base layer it works fine. I also tested this on a base layer on a master page and it was working as it was supposed to. I now have to rethink how I'm doing these popups to allow them to work in the software if I want to use the scrolling panel approach. Please Articulate peeps, look into this and correct it as soon as you can. I should be able to use a scrolling panel on a layer in HTML5. 

Note that I am using SL2 when exporting and the 1 finger approach is working as it must. 

Peter Flynn

Well i found a work around though it's not perfect. If you need to use a scroll panel on a layer, cut and paste the content/panel and put it on its own slide/layout within your project. You can then link to it and put a close button that jumps to slide (previous slide). This will return you to whatever slide you were on previously within your course. You lose the "on top of your base layer look and feel" especially if you are using transparencies to see the base layer through it like me but it's better than a non-working scrolling panel LOL.

Another hack example would be: Say you have 3 buttons (Charly, Wendy, and Bill) with popups and each popup has a scroll panel on it for each person talking. You could duplicate the slide and call each slide the 3 names matching the button. When you click on charly it jumps to the slide named Charly which has all the same buttons as the original base layer but this one will have the scroll panel with it for charly. Do this for all 3 character and have each button jump to them. This avoids having to use layers though if you have to make changes to the base layer, it needs to happen 3 times in this example. Not ideal but a solution.

Will Creech

As a followup on this thread I've found that this issue still exists if you have multiple layers on your slide, although I'm not certain that multiple layers is the actual culprit. I was able to replicate the issue which can be seen in this Storyline test file. If you publish this file as Web and view the story_html5.html file in Google Chrome or Firefox you'll find the panels do not scroll. When I began creating the test with a single layer with a scroll panel it worked fine. When I added the duplicated layer it broke. I tried deleting the second layer and it remains broken. Apparently something was modified in the file when duplicating the second layer that doesn't get removed when deleting the second layer.

I've explained this to support as well and am hoping to hear back soon.

TegOldAccount Griffiths

As a person who has inherited a number of courses and asked to make them HTML5 compliant this scrolling on layers issue is adding a ton of additional work. 

What I would like to know is if there is a fix in the pipeline. If a fix is likely in the next month or so then I can hold off updating those components. I really want to avoid reworking these slides only to find that if i'd held on for a little while the work would not have been needed.

By the looks of things this has been an issue for a long time and is a product feature that should really work by now.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Teg!

It is in the hands of our QA Team and I do not have an estimated time-frame to share with you. I will add this thread as well so that they are aware of the users impacted.

Hi Will - thanks for working with our team and please note that replying to the forums via e-mail attaches your signature. You are welcome to pop in and edit if needed.

Luke Heathershaw

I take it this is yet another bug that was reported a long time ago but has not been resolved yet?

I'm trying to use scroll panels as 'transcripts' for voice over in my course, works fine in flash but HTML doesn't work at all. 

I'm literally spending weeks of my time at the minute trying to get around major bugs that have been reported a long time ago, and nothing seems to be happening with them - other than being reported to the QA team...again.

There's at least three significant bugs that i've come across that were reported 18+ months ago, but still persist. It really is getting beyond a joke. 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Luke, 

Yes, this issue is still with our team and does seem to impact scrolling panels that exist on layers in HTML5 (desktop or iPad) so the current workaround is to use the scrolling panels on the base slide layer or utilize the Articulate Mobile Player to view the course content on an iPad. 

As far as the bugs reported and our QA process, we continue to share the information gathered in forum threads, support cases and one on one conversations with our customers to track the impact of bugs and help the QA team in terms of investigating fixes and next steps. Since Storyline 2 was released just about 2 years ago, we've included 8 updates with a number of fixes and new features that you can read the detailed release notes here. I know that if the issues you are looking for are not including in those updates it may feel as if we're not listening or providing the support you desire - but I assure you that our team is here to advocate for customers and we'll keep you posted in forum threads such as this one once there is additional information to share. 

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