Google and Analytics and Javascript

Jul 24, 2012

Hi there

I have a storyline setup, working well. I can track peoples journey with it in general terms by just tagging the HTML page with Analytics code, but what I really want to do is send events from the storyline back to analytics.

Can I use the 'Execute Javascript' function to do anything like this? Used to be something in flash which did something like this, essentially a AJAXy event that sent code back to the browser on an action - is there anyway of doing anything similar?

If not why is execute javascript there I'm guessing it's a bridge to the online option, but we are nowhere near big enough top justify that cost!


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James Grafe

Picking up this idea a year later....

I have successfully put Google Analytics code in the story.html and story_html5.html files. What I'm interested in is being able to track every page/screen in the course. I tried putting a trigger on each screen using Execute JavaScript action, but am not getting page-level data in Google Analytics.

In GA I'm looking in Content > Site Content > All Pages and Content Drilldown.

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