Graded question Matching Drag and Drop

Apr 05, 2023


I am creating a quiz where I want the user to be able to review all their answers and change their answers before submitting them.

I removed the submit button and replaced it with a "next" button on each question slide as well as added a slide at the end with a "review answers" button and "submit answers" button (which submits to the Quiz Results and jumps to the next slide).

I also want the learner to have to answer each question as they come up, so I have a layer that pops up when they click on "next" button that says to answer the question, if they did not answer.  

So far I have this working for multiple choice, multi choice and True or False.

I cannot get it to work for the graded question Matching Drag and Drop.  I have "Jump to slide (next slide) when the user clicks (Button 1), if the state of Matching Item 1 =/= (not equal to) Normal Else show layer (untitled layer 1).

I tried other variations of states including Drop Correct, Drop Incorrect and Drag over.  

I am not sure if there is a different trigger that would work or a different way of doing it?



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