Graded Question - Theme - include only Multiple choice.

Oct 12, 2021

Why there is no theme for other question type like Multiple response, drag and drop... Only multiple choice is included in theme. Is there any other option for other question types?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Sagar!

Are you referring to the Content Library templates for Graded Questions? If you're adding another question type that doesn't already have a template, simply use the Apply Layout button.

Here are the steps:

  1. Add a template from the Content Library. Choose any slide like the Title Slide or a Menu Slide.
  2. Add the Question Type like you usually would. Here are the steps. 
  3. Go to the Home tab, Apply Layout, and select the Question Layout for the template you want.

If you prefer a visual, here's a brief screen recording.

Alison Coops

Good morning, I think this is probably the answer to my question, but I'm having trouble following it and getting what I want. Yes, I am referring to the Content Library templates for Graded Questions. I did step 1.  That gave me a slide that is nothing like what I want. Then I clicked New Slide from the Home tab, and chose Graded question. I used the search tab at the top to search for Multiple Response and came up empty. What am I doing wrong?

John Morgan

Hi Alison,

Great question! I understand you would like to add the layout of a slide you chose in the Content Library to a graded question. Only certain question types have layouts pre-built, but it’s easy to apply the template to any slide. I’m happy to work with you to help you accomplish this! Here are the steps to get this done:

Step #1: Insert any slide for Content Library 360 you’d like to use. This will add the layout to your Storyline project so that you can use it on other slides.

Step #2: Insert the graded question.

Step #3: Click on the Home tab

Step #4: Click Apply layout.

Step #5: Click one of the options in the Apply Layout menu.

Step #6 (optional): Delete the slide you inserted in Step 1. 

I also recorded a short Peek 360 video going through the steps.

If you still have difficulty adding the layout after following the steps in the video, please share a screen recording of what you are experiencing here or in a support case.

Thanks for reaching out!

Carol North

I think I know what Sagar and Alison are looking for as I had the same issue. I had chosen a multiple choice template with a 'block choice'. I then couldn't find the matching 'choose multiple' one. I tried using the graded question as you suggested but it doesn't allow you to design the style the same other than a few options to format. 

Realising that I have had this issue before, I looked at an older project and sure enough there was the solution.  (see the image - and happy to explain further if need be)

Solution: 1. Copy the slide layout from the multiple choice (as a normal slide not a graded question) 2. Go to 'insert' in the home tab and CONVERT to Freeform 3. Choose pick many 4. and there you have it :)

Carol North

Hi Alison

Here we go: a step by step guide with the video.

  1. Choose your multiple-choice slide from the content library – and design it accordingly.
  2. Then insert a new slide – basic layout - and choose the one that looks like the one you have designed for your multiple-choice question.
  3. Go back to the multiple-choice slide and copy the layout (see the video) and paste it on the blank slide. The ‘look’ is now the same.
  4. Add your question.
  5. UNGROUP the answers (this is important)
  6. Then go to the HOME tab and click INSERT and CONVERT to FREEFORM
  7. Select PICK MANY and click OK.
  8. The slide will now be converted to a multiple answers slide, with a form view and a slide view.
  9. In FORM VIEW, add the choices, make sure to enter the ‘shapes’ (in this case) A1, B1, C1, D1 (this can be renamed)
  10. Add your answers in SLIDE VIEW and then, back in FORM VIEW check the correct answers
  11. . regroup each one again.
  12. You will be able to see that the user will be able to select many answers, and this will form part of a graded assessment.


Hope that helps 😊