Graphic Cut Off on Flash Only

Nov 09, 2017


I have an issue with Storyline 3, where images are being cut off in a very strange manner when viewing in flash. Viewing in HTML 5 is fine. There seems to be no way to update the graphics either without deleting and starting over. I am trying to update an existing interaction with new graphics by going to "Change Picture". 

Please see attachments. Notice how the dotted line does not extend to the bottom of each graphic in the Flash version. This is not a transparent graphic either. So somehow, Storyline is just cutting off the dots, but leaving the rest of the light blue background.

If anyone has any ideas on how to troubleshoot, that would be greatly appreciated!



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Mike .

Hi Ali,

Thank you for your help!

Attached is the test story file. I removed everything except for the corrupted graphics.

I also figured out that if I change the graphic to a different file format and reimport the graphic, storyline updates it properly. So there is some sort of pixel based caching mechanism going on, instead of just being able to rename the file and re-importing, which does not update the graphic.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mike,

Thanks for sharing your .story file for us to take a look.

I'm seeing the behavior you are reporting in your file. I'd like to recreate to dig a bit deeper though. Can you give me the steps in how you created these buttons? It looks like the image may live on the hover state? Is that correct?

I've never seen it handled like this and would like to understand your process better.

Thanks so much!

Mike .

Hi Leslie,

I'd replied back directly via email and I'm not sure if you got it, so I am replying back via the forum.

So the buttons have a graphic for each of the 4 state’s. I also initially just showed a graphic without the buttons to prevent the user from clicking the buttons at the beginning of the timeline. Those graphics were also being cut off and all I did was import them from my desktop. I asked our graphic developer and he said it was a flat image, no special layers used in Photoshop.


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