Graphic Novel Slide Out Tab Menu Character Panel [DEMO]

Feb 12, 2013

Hey all,

Apologies for being absent. Been buried busy! One of the big projects I'm currently working on is a Serious Comic graphic novel style awareness program. The entire project is being hand-drawn by a professional artist and I'm developing the interactive "comic" in Storyline.

One of the challenges was allowing readers to learn more about the characters at any point in the story. This is one of several concept designs I'm considering going to production. It's a tab button that slides out a panel with thumbnail 'headshot' images of each main character. Clicking on each of the characters opens a file folder with a short bio. 

This demo is only 4 slides but the Characters bio panel can be accessed on any of the slides. All the functionality was built on a Master Slide.

Here's the DEMO

I welcome any suggestions or ideas on how this could be done differently or more elegant.

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Ryan Simons

Hi Kevin: 

     I really like the style of the character tab and look forward to seeing the finished product. Two things I think are really great about your concept. One, reinforcement of character traits! having the ability to go back and check on what a certain character "acts" like is a great idea and reinforces learning. Two, story concept with multiple characters. I'm not sure if you are using multiple avatars but using more than one is a great way to create an engaging product. I really like this concept, keep up the great work. 

Kevin Thorn

Thanks Rebecca and Ryan,

Yes, all six characters have a role in this story. If you're interested in following the project, I'm writing about various parts of the development process on my blog:

Introduction >

Character Development >

In the coming weeks I'll share more about the design, storyboarding, and ultimately some of the cool "trickery" I'm developing in Storyline.

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