Gridline Display?

Sometimes, I want pixel-perfect alignment but gridlines don't stretch from edge to edge and just show dots at where gridlines would intersect. Is there any way to make gridlines fully visible?

Also, how is the displayed grid marker determined? In the screenshot, the first vertical marker is at 60px and then the next is at 160px and the first horizontal marker is at 70x and the next at 170px.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Randy!

Gridlines will display as vertical and horizontal dotted lines. You can change the spacing of the dots by entering a value (in pixels) for grid spacing.

While there isn't a way to display a grid line at every dot, the drawing guides will do essentially the same thing. First, move the drawing guides to intersect at the exact pixel coordinate. Then, move the slide object to lock into the corner of the drawing guides. 

Vertical grid lines will always appear 100 pixels apart, with the middle grid line perfectly centered in the middle of the slide. 

Let me know if you have other questions about that!