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Jun 26, 2013

I created a slide in Storyline to have an audio excerpt play when the user hovers their mouse over a particular marker.  The audio stops when the user moves their mouse off the first marker, and the next audio plays over the second marker, and so on.  However, I have noticed that when the user hovers the mouse over the picture the three makers are located on, all three audio clips start playing at the same time.  Is there a way for me to fix this? 

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Nicole Legault

Hi Lindsay!

Welcome to the community! Thanks for posting your issue here for us to help you resolve...

Antony is correct, it's hard to guess what the issue is in this particular case without seeing the .story file, even if you can just share the one slide that has the problem.

One thing that came to mind is... did you create any groups on this slide? Is there any way the image and markers might be grouped together? 

Sam Miller

Hi, Nicole and Antony!

Thank you so much for getting back with me.  I acutally posted for my partner, and she decided to take off the audio on the hovers, so the specific slide is no longer available to post.  I also looked in the forum, and found many helpful conversations about adding audio to hover state of markers/buttons.  However, we did never truly figure out what exactly was causing the issue.  I apologize for not having something to look at, but maybe you can give some general insight into the issue.

Nicole, to answer your question none of the markers were grouped with the picture of the form.  The markers were placed on top of the picture at specific fields, which when hovered over explained the reasoning behind the required fields.   This overall slide was actually the first layer.  We tried putting the three audio clips in their own layers, per the conversations I read, but there seemed to still be some issues with triggers and playing correctly.  The separate layers for the three audio clips stopped the simultaneous playing while hovering over the picture, but the clips ended up not stopping when the mouse was no longer hovering over a marker.  My guess is this would have worked out better if the picture and markers were on the base slide, and not on a layer.  Am I correct?  

Is there a tutorial just on attaching audio to markers/buttons?  I tried looking for one first before I posted, but I could not find one we needed, and we were in a bit of a time crunch (hence the elimination of the audio all together).  

Thank you in advance for any insights!

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