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Jun 06, 2017


I made gauges for a serious game. I had to create many triggers to display the right state of the gauge (built like a button with multiple states / and the gauge was stuck in the master slide). And I had so many triggers to built that, when I forgot one, the next one built comes at the top bottom of the list. And it was not easy to check that every trigger was there, especially since one can only move a trigger from one step at a time.

Daoes any one know if there is a way to rank and move faster triggers.

If not, I think gathering triggers could be a great improvement.

Thank you for your attention

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Bryce Wescott

As an avid Captivate user for years, I have always been perplexed by the lack of this feature in Storyline. 

I primarily use SL2 (now 260) for courses that need JS because the interface and ease of use are beautiful. However, the trade off is that I often have courses that are muddled with 200+ triggers because of the duplicative nature of many objects. 

I, personally, submitted a request for this years ago and am avidly waiting for this update! Captivates Advanced Actions and Shared Actions features are the key reason Captivate users do not switch. Implementing this feature in 360, there would be a great use case for many users to ditch Adobe for Storyline. 

As it currently stands, without that feature, many will not switch (and those of us that use both painfully drudge through the mess of triggers). 

Kevin Reagh

Not sure if this addresses what folks are looking for, but when I want to collect triggers into a group that can be executed from different buttons,  I put the triggers on a layer (there is nothing else on that layer) and have the triggers fire when the layer's time line starts. The last trigger on the layer is "stop this layer's timeline".  When I want the triggers to fire I show that layer. Hope that makes sense.

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