"Mystery state" and crashes

Hi All,

I was trouble shooting some slide triggers when I noticed one of them referred to a state called "built-in", which I felt was strange since I had not created a state with that name.

Went to change the name of the state on the trigger and Storyline crashed immediately. Same behaviour repeated a few times. Took a look at the object the trigger was referring to, and sure enough there was a "mystery state" called 'built-in" that I hadn't added.

Removed the state from the object, rebuilt the trigger, and everything is fine now. Just wondering if anyone here has encountered this before and if they have any idea why it might have occurred?




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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Greg.  Without seeing this behavior in action, I would guess that a state on that object, or the object itself became corrupted somehow.  Storyline has built-in states, but they all have distinct names.

In general, this information will help you avoid project corruption.  I'm sure you're working to best practices, but sometimes, the gremlins come knocking anyway.  Let me know if you see anything else weird.  Happy to have a look at your file.