Grow/Shrink Animation for Video in Stoyline

Hi all,

New to the forum and new to Storyline (been using it for the past few months). So far, everything has been super user-friendly and I haven't really had to use the forums... until now

I have a video clip inserted into a slide in Storyline. I would like to have the size of the video scaled down during playback to provide room on the slide for bullet points to appear. So far, I have placed cue points where the video should scale down, bullet points appear, bullet points disappear, and then the video scale back to full size.

I've got no problem making the bullet points behave, but I can't figure out how to make the video scale during playback.

Any help is much appreciated. Also, if this feature isn't available, any suggestions for workarounds or alternate strategies would be great. I'm not 100% attached to this idea, and would be happy with some similar effect. Thanks!

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Helen Tyson

Hi Alex

I can't think of a way of making the video scale as such, but what I think will work is to use zoom regions in reverse. 

Scale your video so it only fills part of your slide and have the bullet points appear next to it.  Then add a zoom region to your slide that focuses in on the video for the beginning. Then place the end of the zoom at the point in the timeline when you want the bullets to appear - you could animate them to pop in one at a time if you want to. If you want to zoom back into the video once the bullets are done you can add a second zoom to come in afterwards.