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Jun 28, 2013

What is the best way to give learners a guided tour of a form? I want to enable learners to click an item on the form and get an enlarged image of that item with an accompanying explanation and example. Can I use Zoom Region and let the learner initiate the zoom? I want them to zoom in on about 20 items. So far I've tried markers within zoom regions, but I don't know how to let the learner initiate the zoom. My form is a pdf and when I paste it in Storyline it is too small to see. That is why zoom would help.

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eTam Miller

Hi Susan! Welcome to the forum. A couple things you may want to consider: 1. Create hotspots on the form that open new layers or slides when clicked, showing enlarged portions of the form. You can include a button to go back to the original slide or layer, or: 2. Insert a scrolling panel (with magnifier,) though I don't think this would work out as well in this instance. Hope this helps!

Helen Tyson

Hi Susan

You can't trigger a zoom region. However what you can do, if you want to use a zoom effect, is to place hotspots on an image that link to a number of other duplicate slides each of which have a zoom region included so it appears that the click triggers the zoom.

Alternatively, as already suggested, the hotspots can open layers each with a magnified image on, and use a transition from the animation tab when the layer opens and closes to imitate a zoom style opening.

Hope this helps


Susan Lichtig

Thank you Helen. What creative ideas! I hadn't thought about doing it this way. I see it is a lot of work for a form with many fields, but this is great information. Thanks so much for sharing. This is my very first venture into the Articulate Forums, and I am delighted about receiving several creative solutions in record time! I think I will come to love the Forums.

Natalia Mueller

Hi Susan and welcome to the forums! I love simple solutions and it sounds like you found a good one. 

If you ever need more ideas for how to display form details, one of our MVPs (Super Hero) Phil Mayer, has some great ideas in his course, Distress Thermometers.  

Once again, welcome to you and I hope we see you again!


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