Hand Cursor outside of Hotspot area

Jun 22, 2023

I am not sure if this a bug or intended behavior. When I test my interaction, a hand cursor appears in the areas that aren't hotspots. (see attached screenshot.) I even tried turning off the option "show hand cursor on hover" and the mouse changes to a regular arrow over the hotspots...but still changes to a hand over the non hotspot areas. This is pretty confusing to the learner when they are figuring out where to click. This is like an explore graphic interaction. 


The only work around I am thinking of is to use a freeform shape...but then what is the point of using a hotspot?

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Jacob Stone

Here is a link to the original interaction too so you can see. I found a workaround to add a 100% transparency shape over the image...but my question still remains as to why the entire image has a hand cursor instead of the hotspots: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/4b6eb01c-8e43-480b-9299-733dcee9aed3/review

Eric Santos

Hi Jacob,

I'm sorry you've hit this snag! Thanks for sharing the screenshot and the Review 360 link; they helped a lot!

This is an unexpected behavior, and I'd like to know whether there are unneeded states in the image object causing the mouse to change to a hand cursor. If an object has the DownVisited, or Selected states, the mouse will change to a hand cursor upon hovering. Removing these states, as shown below, should resolve the issue.

removing states

If this is not the case, would you be willing to share a copy of your Storyline file here or privately through a support case so we can take a look at it? We'll delete it when we're done!