Hotsports & 'Show hand cursor on hover'

Jul 24, 2013

Here's a problem I'd love some help with.

I've created a pictorial menu with a number of hotspots over the pictures. As users step through the course, the hotspot on the next menu item becomes enabled (through the use of variables).

With each hotspot, I can set them to 'Show hand cursor on hover'. This is good for any hotspot that's 'live' but gives the wrong impression for any hotspot that's disabled (the hand cursor would make users believe the menu option is enabled). If I untick the 'Show hand cursor on hover' then none of these menu options, enabled or disabled, will show the hand cursor which is not ideal either.

Is there any way of controlling the 'Show hand cursor on hover' dynamically so the hand cursor appears only on enabled hotspots? Or is there another way of doing this without the use of hotspots?

Thanks for any help,


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Antony Snow

Hi Brian,

As you say, I think the 'Show hand cursor on hover' is either on or off.

That said, you could add shapes that have a 100% transparent fill over the 'inactive' hotspots and add a trigger to change the state of these shapes to hidden when the same criteria that is controlling when each hotspot becomes 'active' is met - the theory being that if a hotspot is inactive, the shape is in its normal state and the user will therefore be unable to hover over the hotspot.


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