Hover state for hotspost

Mar 27, 2018

I've created a hotspot and want the cursor to change to a hand on hover.

The hover state works for "on click", but not for "on hover". Is there any way to change this? Right clicking and enabling 'Show hand cursor on hover' doesnt work...

Thank you

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Bob O'Donnell

I just ran across the same issue. If you set the trigger to: "Show layer "X" when the user hovers the mouse over", the hand cursor stays as a pointer. I think that is what Stepahnie's original post may have referred to.

Any ideas on fixing this? I've tried several things but every time that hover trigger is used the cursor always remains the pointer.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Bob! 

The mouse cursor will remain a pointer over an object with a "mouse hovers over" trigger. The cursor will only change to a hand if the object is clickable--this behavior is consistent in all versions of Storyline.

You can force the mouse pointer to become a hand if you give the object a "Down" state. This "tricks" Storyline into thinking that the object is clickable. 

Laura Bunte

I'm happy to find this thread since I'm trying to have the cursor change to a hand on hover. I couldn't seem to make it work as described above. I've included the slide where I have two hotspots and want the learner to be alerted to a clickable spot by changing the pointer into a hand. Any suggestions?

Stephanie EV

Hi Laura
I no longer use hover objects for this reason. Inside I create shapes or buttons and apply hover states to them.  I think the reasonning is so the learner doesn't think its a clickable object. 
For multi device purposes I also avoid using hover objects as much as possible, and instead make object clicabkle (e.g. ipad or phone device users, etc).

Hope this helps!

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