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Gerry Wasiluk

Kevin Thorn said:

Gerry Wasiluk said:

Or maybe it's that supergroup of Anderson, Brooks, Kuhlmann and Enders . . .

That'll cost me dearly.

Yep. You're in trouble. Jeannette is easy but how are you going to explain which character refers to the others. Try to get out of this one!

Very simple.  In the order that I listed them.

David has blondish hair so he is far left. 

Tom has dark hair so he is to the right of Jeanette.  And the haircut resembles one he's had in many pictures.  And on his caricature on the Rapid E-learning Blog he is also holding a coffee cup.

Mike's old avatar of him holding a brain makes it a no brainer (ouch! ) for him being the zombie on the far right.

It's surprising how easy and appropriate your line up actually matches up to them.    I'm starting to believe you deliberately created them that way and are shocked that I found you out.