Have a next/ continue button appear when all layers are viewed

Hi.  I've seen some threads that talk about deactivating the standard next button until all of the layers are viewed but I have a different question.  I have a slide with some layers that the participant needs to view.  I would like a button that says "Return to the Main Menu" appear when all of the layers have been viewed.  I set up some true/ false variables on the items on the layers that they need to view.  I'm having trouble figuring out the trigger for making the button turn from the hidden state to the normal state on the base layer when the variables are all "true" (set initially to false).  I can't share the project but I could dummy it out if this doesn't make sense.  Thanks for the support!  

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Heather - so it sounds like each of your layers contains some stuff you want your learners to click on before that layer is considered complete. If that's the case, then here's one way you could accomplish your needs: 

  • Create a number variable which will count how many layers have been completed. I called mine "LayersComplete." Set its initial value to zero.
  • On each layer, add a trigger which adds 1 to "LayersComplete" when the required items on that layer have been visited.
  • On the base layer, add a trigger which changes the state of your invisible button to Normal when "LayersComplete"=however many layers you have.

Attached is an example. Does this work for what you have in mind?

Nigel Ribeiro

Hi Jeanette, thanks for the great tip.  I tried to do something similar but instead of layers, I needed to restrict the navigation of the course so users can't click the next button until a number of slides have been visited. 

I tried to recreate your example so the custom next button on slide 3 only shows up when slide 1 and 2 have been visited. 

It does not seem to work for some reason.   Can you see what i am doing wrong?

Thanks Nigel 

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Nigel. I've attached a revised version of the file, and here's a quick look at what I'd suggest:


In a nutshell: if you keep things the way they are, you would need to adjust the trigger on your 3rd slide so that the next button changes to its normal state at the beginning of the slide timeline, on the condition that slidesvisited is equal or greater than 2. See Scene 1 in the attached file for a look at how I changed the trigger.

However, there is one issue with that approach - if the learner clicks on the sidebar and visits ANY slide(s) repeatedly to cause the slidevisited variable to increase to 2, they could potentially still skip slides. Check out my screencast and the slides in scene 2 of the attached file, for an approach that I think will be more foolproof. It involves setting a true/false variable for each slide, and changing the state of your 3rd slide's next button on the condition that each true/false variable has been flipped to true.

Hope that helps.

Nigel Ribeiro

Thanks Jeanette,  that is a great help.  So what I was doing wrong was that the button trigger should

have changed state when timeline starts on condition that xyz is met 

instead of trigger changing when condition xyz is met. 

I was wracking by brain all day trying to figure it out. 

You have been a great help as always