Have learner write what they think they should do, then either on submit or next show their list beside the correct list.

Jan 13, 2020

Sorry for the long title.  I thought I had done this before and so I am not sure if I am making it more complicated.

I have a question "What do you think are some ways to mitigate VTE risk?  Then< I was hoping they could type a list or a paragraph whatever they like.  Then when they click submit or next, left side would show what they typed and the right side would show the recommendations.  

Second, is it possible if I have two or three of these in the course, that later if they wanted to print them they could?  

Tried short answer and essay questions (these are not marked) just to get them thinking...and just stumped... 


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Tom Kuhlmann
  1. They can enter the text using a text input variable.
  2. You can display what they entered by inserting a text box and a variable reference 
  3. If you do a search in the community for print slides you'll find a number of tips on how to do it. You'll need to use JavaScript, but that's all available so you don't need to really know much about JS


Teresa Vanderpost

Thanks Tom,  I use that Print function all the time for my student certificates, I didn't think of that, I was making it more complicated.  And now that I think about it not sure they want to print it anyway....gotta think that one through. 

As for the notes which for me is more important.  I think I did what you mentioned, but the display font is so small on the next page even though I set it to 16, is there something I am missing?  It looks like font 9 on my screen.

Adding two screenshots, as lately what I see is not often what others see. :)

Teresa Vanderpost

Thanks Wendy, the shape works better, but only if I make the shape the size I need to fill the text.  There is an option in Format shape to select resize to fit text, I assumed that the box should grow with the text I put in...but if I have a small shape box and type alot of text it gets very tiny.  I wonder if that is a glitch, as I selected resize.  And obviously this happens the same for the text box.  So I will try the larger shape box and maybe submit something to articulate to have them check.  I have attached the scenarios I tested.

Wendy Farmer

HI Teresa

the tiny text in variable display has been an issue forever...I only found out about using a shape last week from someone posting in the forum.  You'd think using the text box options - resize to fit text or don't auto fit - would work but they don't.

I know it's a pain to create a 'large size' shape especially if the user only types a few lines but that seems to be the tradeoff and I'd rather the user sees the bigger shape than the tiny text.

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