Having a problem — Character moves when I preview

Aug 21, 2014

Hi. I'm creating my first project in Storyline and I'm having some problems:

On one of my slides I've placed one of the illustrated characters. I wanted to turn that character into a superhero so I added some simple graphics I made myself in a drawing program: a red cape, an emblem on his shirt, and a little red line around his neck to show that the cape is attached to his neck.

I've arranged the character and the custom graphics that way I want and it looks fine.

However, when I preview the slide, at the very beginning, the character moves slightly down and to the right, causing the cape and the red line around his neck to no longer be positioned properly.

At the end of the preview, the character moves slightly up and to the left, and returns to his proper/beginning position.

I don't know what is causing the character to move like that. Does anyone have any ideas? Could I have caused him to animate somehow? Or is this a bug in Storyline?



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Nicole Legault

Hey D !

Thanks for sharing your file with me. I tested it out and I do see what is happening.

Any way you can submit a Support ticket, so we can take a bit of a closer look at why the shapes are moving by a few pixels upon publish?

In the meantime, I selected the character and the shapes in question together, did a right click and "Save as Picture" and brought it back in as a single PNG image and it seems to look fine now when you preview. Hopefully this is a suitable workaround for you

Hope this helps!


D. Mirsky

Hi. Sorry, I last track of this thread. Sure, I will submit a support ticket.

Nicole. before reading your response I actually decided to use a PNG too. That worked fine.

I'm having the same problem on another slide, though. I'll probably have to use a PNG for that one too, but it'd be great if you figure out a solution.

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