Having a Seekbar Appear in the Window Rather Than a Player Control

Hi All

I am building a course at the moment. I have built a menu system and navigation panel with hyperlinks, so that all navigation take places in the main window. I have removed all player elements such as "next" etc. 

However, I have a couple of videos as part of the course, so when I had the seekbar to the slide, it means that that a large black bar appears at the bottom of the window for all of the slides not using the seekbar. This does impact the design somewhat. 

I wondered if there was a way of having the seekbar appear in the slide itself, rather than in the player.

Unfortunately, the videos are that bit too long for the Play/Pause/Stop triggers to be an option - the user would need to be able to rewind or fast forward them. 

Thanks in advance for any help.

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James McLuckie

Thank you for the reply, Alex. Much appreciated. 

Am going to show my ignorance here. How do I insert the stock Storyline video toolbar? I have looked in the Insert tab and can't see it. 

I also can't see an "Options" tab that has "Show Video Controls" as option. 

Forgive my cluelessness!