Having some issues with a True/False variable.. need a hand :)

Feb 01, 2015

So... I'm building a course in SL2 which includes a scenario and some variables. It is all working as it should, however there is one scene where a behaviour is not working as I would expect it to work.

I have a main menu that has four buttons and I have added a 'New state' to each button. Each button leads the learner into a series of linear slides that when completed, lead back to the main menu.

I have added a True/False variable on the final slide in each linear sequence that should change from False to True when the timeline starts on that slide.

Finally, I have added some triggers to the menu slide that instructs Storyline to change the state of the buttons to the 'New State' once each variable in the final slide has changed from False to True. However, this is not working - can anyone diagnose?

Here is the demo and I have attached the master file.

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Ant Pugh

Ok, I think that makes sense! Thanks so much for taking the time to help.

So.. this is creating another issue, that I was going to post as a separate issue, but may as well post here now we've started the discussion - once I start down the linear path, I can click 'Prev' and go back to the menu slide, and the 'New State' has been activated on the menu buttons despite not having activated the variable change from False to True on the final slide in the linear sequence?

But how is this happening when the variable hasn't been changed? ie. I haven't reached that slide yet, so the variable shouldn't change?


Wendy Farmer

Hi Ant

that behaviour isn't happening in the story file I sent you.

I click the first blue button move next, click prev go back to main menu and it's still blue. Doesn't change state until I have reached the final slide of that set and return to main menu

Can I ask why you have a submit button on the menu slide?


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