Having Trouble Integrating Quiz Questions Intermittently into my Course - and then returning...

Sep 23, 2016

I have created a course that goes back and forth between questions and content.  The course was originally created in different scenes, but I lost the ability to have the 'correct'/'incorrect' question feedback pop up on the last question because the trigger to jump to the next scene overrides the trigger to submit interaction and show the pop up window which provides the feedback and requires the user to press 'continue' to proceed to the next slide.  

The slides that were created in the same scene and return to content are working just fine.   So i tried to integrate each scene into one scene, but it's still not connecting the slide groups.  I know i can fix this with a 'next button' but that allows the user to skip the question entirely.  I don't see anything different between the triggers of the slides that integrate, and the ones that don't.  Any ideas?

I've attached a few screenshots I thought might help.  (i've already tried cut/paste/drag/drop/copy/insert)

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Nicole!  Thanks for sharing those screenshots.  I'd be interested to see what the triggers look like on those feedback layers...to where are they branching?  You might want to force them to point to the specific slides that should follow, instead of the defaulted "Next Slide."

Can you share a copy of your .story file  here so we can have a closer look?

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