Head scratcher: interaction no longer works when upgraded to SL3!

May 29, 2018

Hi everyone, 

I'm hoping someone can help with an issue I'm having with this interaction I built in Storyline 2 a few years back. I upgraded the module to SL3 in order to publish without Flash for my client and now the interaction won't work.

Depending on the state of three shapes (pharmacy size, percentage and period), the state of the price tag image should change to display a dollar value multiple.

I've built it using triggers based first on the pharmacy size object state, with the possible combinations of percentage and period as conditions. It's a bit clunky but has worked reliably for a couple years now... until I upgraded it, that is!

Any thoughts or suggestions? Or has anyone else run into a similar issue with the new version of Storyline?

I've been scratching my head all afternoon on this one, and I'm obviously missing something :P

Thanks in advance,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jilly,

Thanks for sharing a copy of your Storyline 2 file so I could test it in that version as well.

I saw the discrepancy you noted, but I also noticed that if you select a *Shrinkage* value and a *Period* value before the Pharmacy Size than it works. (Here's a quick Peek of that)

I took a look at the triggers and noted that the trigger to change the status of the price tag shows to change it "When the state of Pharmacy is equal to X" if the two other conditions are also met. Using a trigger with the "When Event" being a state change, Storyline is looking for that state adjustment at the same time as those two conditions. An easy way to see this is to remove the two conditions on a trigger and notice that the price tag updates immediately when adjusting the pharmacy tag. 

Although this doesn't explain the change from SL2, to SL3 - it is working as you've told it based on the triggers in SL3. Based on your current trigger set up, I didn't want to make too many adjustments to change anything, but hope that points you in the right direction to make adjustments for Storyline 3! 

Jilly Dutton

Hi Ashley!

Thanks for taking the time to investigate. I removed the conditions from the triggers as suggested and saw that it did result in the state change - but not a fix, as you said.

I trialled using the same trigger format as before, but based on Period instead of Pharmacy Size - so if the learner was completing the drop boxes left to right then the first two conditions would be set before the trigger on the third was run. This has proved to be moderately successful - not as responsive as the version build in SL2, but it will suffice :)

I might have a think of how I can rebuild it using variables instead of triggers, which might do the trick. It's a bit of a pity, this interaction used to work beautifully and I was really proud of it! 



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