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Hello all,

Just wanted to know if anyone had experience creating health and safety/fire safety e-learning in Articulate? I was wondering what the requirements are to create this because of the safety element i.e. does the content need to be approved from someone in your HS&E department? Do they need any specific type of qualification? etc...

 I can't seem to find much information on the subject doing a general search online, so any advice would be appreciated.



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Adam -- Thanks so much for your question! Members of the community may certainly chime in here with their ideas and advice, however, I wanted to mention that you may also find it helpful to post your question over in our Building Better Courses forum, as well! 

And beyond the requirements info you seek, you may find these threads to be of a more general interest in the area of Health and Safety e-learning:

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Best of luck with your project! :)

Walt Hamilton

Sounds to me like it is time to call in the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Remember, there is nothing special about e-learning. It is just a different method (not always the best) of delivering your already established content. Start with content, and pick the best way to deliver it. I would think in this case, the HS&E dept would be a good place to look for the content.

This blog post may give you some starting ideas.


Blaine Hoffmann

As a safety professional, yes, I have developed lessons using articulate Storyline and now use 360.

To answer another question, yes ALWAYS check with EHS staff to ensure accurate safety and health instructions are given. Accurate according to applicable safety and health regulations as well as company policies and procedures.

The third question was regarding special qualifications; in general those instructing others on workplace safety need to be competent, but many safety regulations (in the US) require someone trained and qualified to instruct/oversee certain workplace operations (confined spaces, excavations, working at heights, ladders, etc.). It is the burden of the employer to ensure those assigned EHS responsibilities are qualified to do so.

I hope this helps.