Hello everyone

Dec 10, 2014

I am trying to convert my sumtotal toolbook 11.5 courses to Storyline 2.

Does anyone know how I can export my content? I reached out to toolbook's support folks and they said I could not export my content...

I am trying to find a quick way to convert theses files - trying to avoid having to copy and paste on a per page basis



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Simon Blair


My team at work has been converting a lot of Toolbook courses to Storyline. I don't think there's a way to do this via import, though.

I can offer some tricks that I've found useful:

  • I copy/paste from the published version for everything except the test questions (I go through a text editor to remove formatting before pasting into SL).
  • For images, I insert them into SL, pulling them from the "media" folder in the published TBK content
  • I copy the test questions from the TBK editor so I can grab the feedback and see which answer is correct

Hope this helps,

Steve Flowers

I think Simon's method of harvesting most of the text and media from the published output is going to give you the best result. You might have some luck using something like Storyboarder to export to Word or PPT as an intermediary. Though I believe you'll still be doing a lot of creation and arrangement in SL to make things work.


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