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Aug 09, 2013

Hello. I am trying to make a slide with a textbox that appears when the timeline starts. Than i want to have seven choices, only one is correct comparing to the textbox. When the student pick the right choice i want a new textbox to appear. See picture! So the problem is taht i want a new textbox to appear when the right answer is picked. And I want the allready picked answer to be disable to pick again. Any ideas how I can make this work?  I tried with triggers and chenges of states...but I cant seem to make it right. It i s very hard...maybe someone can help me so i can understand what I'm doing making it so difficult...

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Michael Hinze

One possible option is to:

1. For each of the seven buttons, add a trigger that changes the state of the button to disabled (which prevents it from being selected again)

2. For each of the six incorrect choices, add a trigger that shows an incorrect layer with some feedback

3. For the correct choice, add a trigger that shows a correct layer.

See attached file with an example and here is the published version. 

You could also do this as a Pick One Freeform question, whatever is easier for you.

Maja  Oi

Thank You! It seems like a good way to go and I´ve been trying something like that. The problem is taht I want a new text about another mineral to appear when they clicked the right one. And then of course I´d like the right mineralbutton to be disable. There´s seems to be somethoính I do wrong because the buttons doesn´t work as I want them to)

 I dont understand how I would be able to use " pick one"? Can you do that when you have several layers (With the text about the minearls) or do I have to make a new slide for each mineraltext then?

A lot of thanks and thank you for your attached file example. Thats a really good help for me!!

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