HELP!!! 3 Question Banks Quiz/Jump to slide

Hi Everyone,

Need help…

I have a quiz consisting on 22 questions that is generated across 3 different question banks. Find PIC 1PIC1

You answer the questions by selecting your answer (All Multiple choice) and then moving on to the next/previous (without Submitting) question PIC2.PIc2

Within the question slide is a review button which opens a lightbox slide PIC3.PIC3

I want this slide (within the lightbox) to indicate which questions have been answered and which was not . And for learners to jump to that specific question he/she missed or want to review.





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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kenneth,

Thanks for sharing the images here. I think that this would be possible - although I think listing the questions in the answered/unanswered sections as you've shown would be the difficult part as there is no way to move them around on the screen or prevent gaps if you wanted them sequentially. 

Instead, maybe use the states of the items and change to red or green based on if they were answered or not? You could have each number work as a button with a link to that specific slide - although you won't be able to jump to slides within a question bank. You may also want to review the information here on confirming users are ready to submit their answers.