Review Question Banks within a QuestionBank

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Need help…

I have a quiz consisting on 22 questions that is generated across 3 different question banks. Find it on PIC1

You answer the questions by selecting your answer and then moving on to the next question PIC2.

Within the question slide is a review button which opens a lightbox slide PIC3.

I want this slide (within the lightbox) to indicate which questions have been answered and which was not .And for learners to jump to that specific question to answer that question.





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Greg Faust

Short answer: Yes, that should be possible.

There are a couple things going on here.

First, you'll want to build a system for tracking and reporting question completions. You'll want variables like:

Q1Complete (true/false; default = false)

Q2Complete (true/false; default = false)

Q3Complete (true/false; default = false)

Q4Complete (true/false; default = false)


As well as two counter variables:

QuestionsComplete (number; default = 0)

QuestionsIncomplete (number; default = 0)

Setting up the Question Slides:

On each question slide, add two triggers to the "Submit" button. Be sure to move them up BEFORE any other triggers on the Submit button:

First trigger:

Adjust Variable

Q1Complete (replace 1 with the actual question number)

Value False

When user clicks Submit Button

Second trigger:

Adjust Variable



Value 1

When user clicks Submit Button

You don't need to decrement QuestionsIncomplete on every question slide; it's faster to deal with that on the lightbox (see below).

Reporting on the Lightbox

Once you have those on every question slide, you'll need your lightbox slide to report the information. There are a couple ways to do this. I would use states. Go to your lightbox slide.

For each question button, have two states: Complete and Incomplete (with some visual clue to show the difference). Have two triggers per button:

Question Complete Trigger:

Change State

of Button1 (or whatever you're calling the first question's marker)

to Complete

When Timeline Begins (i.e. the slide timeline)

(edit conditions)

If Q1Complete == True

Question Incomplete Trigger:

Change State

of Button1 (or whatever you're calling the first question's marker)

to Incomplete

When Timeline Begins (i.e. the slide timeline)

(edit conditions)

If Q1Complete == False

That will check each completion/incompletion and set its button accordingly.

Then there's the number complete and number incomplete displays you have.

Number complete is easy: Just have a text box with %QuestionsComplete% in it (this will display the value of the variable).

Number of incomplete questions requires a pair of triggers (because I suggested not bothering to have a QuestionsIncomplete decrement on every question slide):

Adjust Variable


= Assignment

to Value

When Timeline Begins (i.e. the slide timeline)

And below that in the triggers list:

Adjust Variable


- Subtract

Variable QuestionsComplete

When Timeline Begins (i.e. the slide timeline)

Then you just need a %QuestionsIncomplete% text box, and the user can see how many questions they have left.

Going to a particular slide:

On each question button in the lightbox, add a trigger:

Jump to Slide

When User Clicks the button

Changing some settings:
It sounds like you want people to be able to navigate freely through the quiz questions. On Story View, select a quiz slide. I believe the default is that quiz slides do NOT show Next and Prev buttons. Check those boxes if you want Next and Prev to be available to your users on the quiz slides.

That should do it! I hope this helps.

Greg Faust

Oh, I think I see how that could be an issue. Are you running into an issue where the lightbox goes to the indicated slide, while the underlying slide remains unchanged?

You could try putting the "Jump to Slide" trigger AFTER the "Close Lightbox" slide, though I have doubts about whether that would work.

A more likely option:

Scrap the lightbox idea. Do the navigation menu as a Layer. A layer has its own timeline, so the triggers should be mostly the same. Just copy-paste the entire contents of the lightbox slide into a new slide layer on each question slide. Two key differences from the lightbox:

  • Instead of a Lightbox Trigger, use a Show Layer trigger
  • Right before the Jump to Slide trigger, add a "Hide Layer" trigger (this SHOULD work; it's the same logic used by Storyline's built-in question feedback system).


When you copy-paste, copy, then wait several seconds, THEN go to the question slide and paste. Sometimes, if you paste too quickly, Storyline doesn't have a chance to get all the triggers and media into the Copy memory, so things are lost.

Actually, you can maybe save some time:

I suspect you only need to paste this navigation menu layer onto one slide. (Though I haven't tested this to be sure)

  • Go to View -> Slide Master view.
  • Select the template you're using for your question slides.
  • On that slide, add the navigation menu layer as described above
  • Go through your question slides and verify that the layer is there (and if it isn't, you can change to the correct layout by going Home-> Layout or by right-clicking the slide background and clicking "Layout"