Im pretty sure I already know the answer to this question, but I have to at least try!

Storyline was prompting me that it could not save my file due to insufficient storage. I hadnt touched the project since the last time I saved it yesterday afternoon and decided to restart my computer in hopes of better luck. Unfortunately when I restarted my computer the entire file dissapeared. It must have been a glitch with my computer and it is nowhere to be found.

I have the zip file from when I published it yesterday afternoon. My question is, Is there any possible way to recover the story file? Or at least make the published version allow me to copy and paste?

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Peter Anderson

Sorry that happened, Kaitlin. It doesn't sound good, but if you'd like, you can send us that zipped file you have and we'll see if there's anything that can be done. We'd also be curious to know a little more about what led up to the error and problems you had. So please feel free to contact our support team. Thanks!

Jeff Forrer

Too late now but other than backup, you could use a program to archive or create backups of your files, so you can always go back to an earlier version that worked.

I have used Microsoft VSS and other source safe tools but am using Tortoise SVN right now.

Link is here.

Good luck!