HELP - Can learner download audio file for offline consumption?

I've used Storyline to develop a wrapper for podcasts where the learner can also access a transcript and utilise closed captions.

These are accessed via our LMS but what I really want to do is add another button that would let the learner download the audio file for offline consumption. Does anyone know how to do this?

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Brian Dennis

Nice project Chris. I would image the podcast audio file is posted on your web server somewhere public. If so, you could try a webobject with the link, only change the "http://" portion with "file://"

BTW, you can verify the link before adding to SL by entering the link in your browser and watching the browser download or play the clip... :)

Chris Undery

Thanks Brian. The SL3 SCORM output zip gets uploaded to our LMS (Cornerstone on Demand) but I've no idea how to find out where the mp3 file would sit once its loaded. 

I did try and get it working by finding the mp3 file in the SL3 output folder (prior to uploading to LMS) and linking to it as though it was a 'resource' file. This sort of worked but it simply opened the audio file in windows media player and started playing it rather than giving me the chance to download it. I'm going to have a go at putting an actual copy of the mp3 file in the resource and linking to it that way but I think it is likely to do the same as I've already tried and I don't really want to put a copy in. 

Chris Undery

Thanks Michael. I've had a go and unfortunately it does the same as pointing to the mp3 file (ie. it plays it in windows media player rather than allowing to download it). From other research I think this is down to settings I can't control so not sure this is going to be possible.

Michael Anderson

Chris, yes you're running into operating system settings on the client set for the mp3 file type. The little research I've done on this says that you would need to make a change on the server to fix this. Can you place the link on the screen in a way that they can right-click it and then save it?

Chris Undery

It was a while ago I posted on this but thanks to this thread and at least two others on the community I manged to get the podcast idea working and implemented. In addition to the downloadable version, it also has a built in and savable/printable transcript and closed captions.

This is a big step for us as a company and the feedback so far has been great, especially the ability to download for offline consumption. Currently run through our LMS (CSOD) but am trying to resolve a couple of SharePoint issues to also get it working as an embedded element inside the pages of our company intranet.

Anyway, thought I'd share the two templates I developed, one for single tracks & one for multiple tracks.

Working examples also included below:

Single track podcast

Multi track podcast