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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Cindy,

Welcome to the community!

Have you played with triggers and states?? Here's an one idea:

You could add a trigger to a particular meteoroid that changes the state of a particular alien to hidden when the Learner clicks on the meteoroid.

Here's a link to Articulate's tutorial on States, Triggers, and Layers

Please shout out with any questions

cindy lucas

I tried playing around with it, but didn't turn out the way i expected. I was using captivate and decided to try this program.

I have text (the clue) scrolling by. and they need to click on the meteoroid that matches the clue. if they get it right an alien will disappear. if they get it wrong one will appear. After so many right or wrong they will when or close and go to another screen.

I was watching the variable tutorial but i didn't see any trigger that said once you click on this show this or that.