Help editing the imanifest.xml

Hoping someone with programming background can help here.

I just finished a course for a client in SL2. They use SABA LMS, and they host their tests on an external system called Maritz. The pass-through code (link) to Maritz was never set up because I did not know how to set it up, and thought they would do this. No such luck.

They are asking me to edit the imanifest.xml file to point to the *.html file with the passthrough code. They have provided the code.

I am not a programmer, but have studied a little html and understand the basic structure of code, and how to edit a file in Notepad. I have opened the imanifest.xml file - but I am not sure exactly where to place the code they provided. 

They are asking me to add this line:

<file href="cert-passthrough-company.html" />

They are saying to place it after these: 

<file href="index.html"/>

<file href="index.swf"/>

and before the content page swf's.

The question that I have is that those first two lines are not part of the resource section in the imanifest file I'm looking at. There is no line referencing the index.html or the index.swf. So any ideas where to place this line of code?

Also, because I am doing more courses for this client - is there a way to add this code from within Storyline, so it does not have to be manually edited every time?

Any insight would be appreciated!


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Jill -- Thanks for reaching out, and unfortunately, as we are not able to provide support for any modifications to published output, we'll need to defer to your fellow community members to assist you here further. And although it may not be exactly what you are looking for, I did wanted to pass along the following posts that discussing editing the imanifest.xml here and here. Hope that helps!