HELP! Engage interaction trouble in Storyline


I've created an Engage interaction (FAQ with 9 questions). I saved it, previewed it within Engage, and it worked exactly as expected.

Then I imported it into my existing Storyline course, previewed it and it worked there also. Next, I saved the course and published it. I opened the course to view it, and everything worked until I got to the slide with the engage interaction. Only a blank screen showed. I then  (using the tutorial steps from this forum) checked and decided to "hide the background", re-saved, republished and viewed it again. Still a blank screen. I've deleted the engage slide, re-imported, and tried it again....and still a blank screen.

Any ideas on what is wrong?


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Angel Tessier

Update....I saved the file to a flash drive, and gave it to a coworker. She was able to open the storyline file and the engage item showed perfectly after publishing. Soooooooo a couple of thoughts:

  1. There are 3 engage items in the course, the other 2 in other scenes....and they have been displaying after each publish on my computer, even when the 1st one in scene 1 doesn't
  2. Could this be an issue with pop-up blockers or cache?
  3. Why would it display in preview and not once published?


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Angel,

Thanks for updating us that you were able to get this up and running, and I wanted to point you to this older kb article about a Chrome bug that was interfering with Engage interactions. You'll want to test your published output within it's intended environment, as testing locally can cause some items to display incorrectly due to local security restrictions. 

Nancy Woinoski

I know this is an old thread but I am having an issue with an Engage 13 FAQ not displaying in Storyline 2 when viewed on the iPad. I used the insert Engage option (not the web object). This is the first time I have used Engage within Storyline so I am wondering if  anyone has a workaround or if this is a known issue.

I could try recreating the interaction within Storyline itself but my client wanted a fast cost-effective way to do these interactions and suggested Engage as an option.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nancy and Phil,

You'll need to use the Insert as Web object option for Engage element, as inserting it using the "Insert Engage" doesn't pass the same information allowing Engage to know if it should display the Flash, HTML5 or mobile player version. You can read a bit more about how to use the web object method here.