HELP! Favorite Storyline Feature/Tip/Trick


I'm doing a workshop today on Storyline for some great local folks.  I want to demo the great power of this community and show how people here wonderfully respond.

So if you had to tell someone what . . .

1) What your favorite Storyline feature was and why?

2) You favorite Storyline tip or trick?

What would you say?  TIA!

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Steve Flowers

Hey, Gerry - 

Great question. So many great features. I'm going to put two of them out there.

1a) The single publish to multiple target platforms. With a single publish action I can publish to the desktop output and (if I've designed for it) also deploy to the iPad and HTML5 with no additional work required.

1b) The JavaScript trigger and JavaScript variable functions. I can't tell you how helpful these are to more complex integrations. Makes Storyline just a little more awesome.

2) My favorite trick is to customize the navigation. The built-in nav isn't bad but it's nice to have control over the UI. I place mine on the master slide using a mix of states (for the button visual feedback) and layers (for different behaviors including "dimmed / disabled" and "highlighted".) Making this work requires a hand-off using the Variable change trigger (a listener) and some custom variable work but I think the results are worth it.

Natalia Mueller

1) I also love triggers, but especially the ability to create one and then copy/paste it throughout the course. Since it also copies all of the attributes I've assigned to the original, it's a great time saver

2 FEATURE AND TIP) Built in templates and pre-made interactions. These were HUGE for me as I was (and continue) to learn Storyline. I was able to use the interactions like drag & drop immediately but then I began deconstructing them, adding and changing. This allowed me to use some of the coolest features of Storyline right away and also made it so easy for me to learn how to build them myself

3) Since I primarily train software a major feature for me is the ability to create one screen recording and use it multiple ways with just a couple of clicks. For anyone not familiar, you can create a recording and use it as a full action video for a demonstration, then use the SAME original recording but set it as View mode (where all of the steps are broken out into individual slides), Try mode where the user does the clicking and Test mode - all from that one recording. I've been using Storyline to record short 5 minute demos to use as on-demand videos. Then I take those same recordings and insert them in courses as any of the other mode options. If something needs to change, I can just swap out individual slides.

Belen Casado

Hi Gerry, I'm looking forward to hearing how the workshop went.

For me, one of the the best things is as David mentions button sets.

I also like the possibility of making any object part of an interactivity.

Variables are the most interesting thing in Articulate, even more than triggers, even if they're more difficult to use (I'm still learning).

The best trick? Reading forums and watching tutorials.