Creating photographic character packs using states

May 05, 2012

There are a lot of ways to work with custom states in Storyline. One of my favorite is to use custom states to build my own photographic character packs that work a little like the illustrated characters.

Tip: Use drawing guides to help align your characters in each state for smoother transitions

Tip: Combine characters for allowing learners to choose their own avatar



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David Anderson

Good point, Bill. I use the head as a general guide, but you're right that the torso/shoulders are sometimes a better area to focus alignment.

It's also worth taking into account poses that precede the updated state change. It might make sense for the character's overall position to move a little forward (agreement) or slightly backward (disagreement).

David Anderson

Hey Stephanie - I wouldn't worry about the technical limit as much as the usable limit. Phil Mayor proved there aren't many limits in his Period Table interaction

 I created some characters with 20+ states and the only challenge was scrolling through them to locate the one I wanted. 

How many states do you have going w/an object now?

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