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Feb 14, 2017

Hello all. I have a slight dilemma.  I an working on a project that containes a link to an external website where I want the learner to take the Harvard Implicit Awareness Test.  the client wants the learners to be able to navigate backward in the course. Unfortunately the same mechanism that allows that also allows moving the scrubber forward as well.  Is there any way I can keep the learner from moving forward without going to the external web page?  and if so how do I keep them from just clicking the link not taking the test and coming right back to the course then moving on ?   My work number is 609-633-9669 if you want to call or if you post your number in a reply I will be happy to call you.

Thank You in advance

Larry Haines

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Brian Dennis

Wrapping display of the external web object behind a button & click trigger can help answer they launched the HIAT. Completion of the test, and return is quite a bit more difficult. The dependency might be best matched by an LMS (learning management system). Ideally the HIAT could post a completion/assessment score that your SL course queries, but that's very complicated.

Personally I double back with clients and drill into the dependency - nice to have, or mandatory? Sometimes SL isn't the best tool for the project...

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